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Clearing the Decks for Action

Today comprised a clean up and straighten up day in Studio 318. There is a high probability of a session next weekend (possibly more than one) and that meant clearing things out of the way. Mostly this involved going through one room, formerly a bathroom, and moving things out. Things like old boxes, corrugated cardboard, kept to be raw materials for a project. There never was a definitive project concept, simply a retention of empty boxes as raw materials. Two years worth of retention.

Off to the recycling trailer.

Other portions went into the trash. Then Herself took to the countertop. See, or maybe you don't, Studio 318 used to be Home. Still is, actually, however I mean the place we slept, ate, bathed, lived. So part of the Shooting Room is the old kitchen, complete with countertop, cabinets, gas stove, refrigerator, sink. No water, however, since the old plumbing gave up the ghost back in '04 after the Month of Hurricanes. The rest of the Shooting Room is the old living room. The storage room used to be the bathroom. No water, eh, so no bathing. With the recycling and re-arranging, it is working better as storage at the moment.

After cleaning off the countertop, we moved some things off the floor which are more specifically related to the Garden, to whit a few tubs of onions. Not seed, but we could call them seed onions. Plus some other things. Much better organisation now. Plus, a good, clear shooting path. Also put the framed prints from the Necronomicon show up onto the wall. Seems like a good place to store them. Someone wants to buy one, just pull it down, accept the money and hand over the framed print.

Still a bit of work to do. One evening after work this week, I need to set grommets in a canvas backdrop. Day of session, need to move the 'stage setting' posing blocks I've been sketch-booking, getting ready for a different session. Unless, of course, we decide to use those. We'll see. The thing is, there is now room to do so.

So, over all, a good day off from Hospital. Which is quite nice, it being the only day off from Hospital this weekend.
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