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I am taking the evening off. Apparently. In this sense; stopped for some groceries on the way home, got some fluids into me (not always possible in OR at Hospital), then the Bros and I went out to feed teh Horses and teh Cows. Back to the House, and fed the Bros. Skimmed some things on line here and... not doing much else.

There are grommets to set in a backdrop. Phones to shop for on-line, which really means calling the toll-free number because really the web site informs me that the company will not ship to post awful boxes. A question of fraud they say. Srsly.

I've only been paying my bill, received at that same post awful box address, for ten years.


I suspect less possible fraud, and more an unwillingness to ship cell phones to the anonymous environment of a post awful box. Like a street address is anything less anonymous. Can you say, Rental House? Sure, knew you could. As to the source of the unwillingness, I do not suspect the vendor. Can you say, Paranoia? Sure, knew you could.

Speaking of turns of phrases, I did a needed inservice at Hospital today, on the new electronic record program being installed. The first phase of this is for the floor unit and intensive care unit nurses (in the sense of I'm a nurse doing this inservice). The OR is in the 'second wave', some time next year. Thus, everything is focused on what the floor nurses need to know, yet the inservice is required for all nurses... What got annoying about it though is a turn of phrase. It's a 'guided education' meaning semi-animated, and periodically (to keep the student awake, I guess) the speaker would say 'Can you click on the < whatever > to continue?' and the app would pause until the click occurred.

I kept waiting for the next line to be 'Sure. I knew you could.' Only it never happened.


Time for dinner.


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