madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Coming On Evening

It's coming on evening and things are winding down here. Herself has a gumbo in the crockpot, will be wonderful Great dinner for a cold night. Livestock are fed, water points disconnected and drain. Let it freeze, let it freeze, let it freeze ... so long as the PVC is full of air, won't matter. Won't break.

This year's round of bottle kids are now onto the Bucket of Nipples. No current videos of this phenomenon, but this one should give you the idea:

Alas, Ms. Broody Henny who hatched out four chicks (on one of the freezes last month) succumbed to a fox. Her chicks are fine, and relocated closer to the House. Also alas, one of our oldest does, June Bug, succumbed to old age. The past couple years we kept her in with the doelings, to provide Wiser Elder Status to them. Wonder who we'll move there now. What Bug left behind is now returning to teh Ranch in one of Herself's gardens, rather a singular place of honour here.

June Bug got trapped beneath some barn flooring by one of our first bull calves, and lost both toes (hooves) off her right front leg as a consequence. No one told her she couldn't do, though, so she just did, with attitude an style.

Work is... work. I am amused that last year, this time, I found myself quite happy and calm to be back in OR, knowing there was one year left to a change in status. Now, with that change in status, I find it quite amusing that my attitude about being there is so much different. What, you think I'm here because I have to be? I'm here because I want to be helping people, not because I have to.

Very interesting, indeed.

Time for dinner.
Tags: goats, kids, life, ranch

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