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Saturn Dae

Up early, up early to help Herself get going to Market. Made the coffee and was ready to help carry things out, only didn't need to because she already had done so. What with the weather recently, four hard freezes in the space of five weeks or so, there isn't any produce to take to market so she loaded only crafts. Good weather today, so no pavilion roof. Actually, I'd helped load tables and crates last night, this morning was for the last minute stuff.

So what I did do that proved important was get the coffee brewed. Yes, oh yes.

About a half hour/forty-five minutes after Herself headed on down the road, I mixed up the kid milk (replacer) and filled the Bucket o Nipples and headed out to feed the kids. They tanked up fast, hungry buggers after last night being cold though not so cold as the previous two nights. Then Houdini and I hitched up Forrest NissanPickup and wandered into town for the feed run. Needed to buy the feed to be able to feed the Goats. Hogs had food available, but bought them some too as they are near out. Also Cows. Still need to go off-load the hog and cow, as I wanted to get ready for the next part of the day.

Spent the late morning finishing up prepping Studio 318 for the afternoon, and thedooz wandered by for the Autumn Fae session. We started shooting around 13:15 and finished at 16:00. Most of the work we did indoors, with a few dozen done outdoors using a local tree for the setting. Or for most of them; there are also some shots of Autumn Fae with Hotai, and one with Gruesome Zombie Goat. Now comes the fun (haha) part, sloggin' through the post-production to proofs. Got started on that, but only all the 'easy' part of that chore. Tagging files with metadata for date, session, and such, most of which the PC handles once it's set up.

So, yes, now off to off-load feed.
Tags: life, photography, ranch

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