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Good Soaking

Our informal measurements make it at least an inch / 2.5 cm of rain here today. There is a misty fog laying over the pastures, not so heavy under the trees. Just back in from feeding teh Ranch.

Indoor accomplishments today. Laundry done, folded, away. Recent photo session reviewed, tagged, almost ready for proofing. Sorting through a big number of files in storage, applying appropriate metadata: copyright, date of photograph, camera info in notes for the film images and the earlier fairly cheap digitals with which we experimented. Sort of a deja vu on that, I remember doing more of those files. Oh. Yes. Probably on Old Laptop.

Speaking of which, I need to extract the hard drive of Old Laptop and try it in an external housing I've got on hand. I think I should be able to recover last minute data. We'll see.

Meanwhile, back at teh Ranch, nearly dinner time for the Humans. We're having Dogs tonight. No, the Border Collie Bros didn't tick us off, and no neighbor dogs are missing. At least that we know of. Brats, actually, on buns, with onions and peppers, and 'tater tots.

See you on the later side.
Tags: life, photography, ranch

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