madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Herself Gets A Scare

Being an off to work at Hospital day, I left teh Ranch dark and early, driving through fog as expected.

Later, when Herself headed out to do morning rounds she took the Bros with her as usual. Getting back to the House, she started feeding the Dirty Yard Birds (chickens), then put Houdini on his line (he asked to stay outdoors) and turned around to put Squrrl back on his line.

No Squrrl. Called him. No response. Looked behind the House, calling. No Squrrl. Checked over on next door neighbors north pasture. No Squrrl. Checked over in our cow pasture. No Squrrl. Bother. Headed into the house to get her pouch with drivers license to go looking and

O Hai, I'm Right Here!

Right. Someone wants to be Indoor Dog #2.
Tags: border collie bros, border collies, life, photography, ranch
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