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Foggy morning here on teh Ranch, in fact. Houdini got me up the 'usual time' for a weekday, which is actually all right for a day off anyway. I wanted to double check my schedule, since I'd seen something in passing yesterday about the upcoming weekend staffing. Or at least I'm pretty sure (tired morning) the upcoming weekend. At any rate, with the schedule on-line I can and did check it. Off today, working Saturday.

The fog is thick enough that occasionally it interferes with the Sky Internet connection. It particularly interferes if both Herself and I are trying to surf, and specifically if we try to hit more than one website at the same moment. One working at a time, hit one web site at a time (not trying to get two tabs, or two windows, or two separate PC browser sessions) that seems to work fine.

This information offered for those who are contemplating a Sky Internet (satellite) service. Mostly it's quite good. Water in the sky does interfere, if it is dense enough. Such is life.

Today does contain to-do things. Feed run and County Seat run and a project for Herself. Possibly, though probably not, a run into town for groceries and such. Probably not because these are not desperately needed, and may be done after work tomorrow.
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