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Could Have Sworn

Thought I'd updated this thing last night... well, that could have been the fever. Nah, it wasn't that high of a fever. Must have been because it was time for "Lord of the Glen" and I've been missing entirely too many episodes of that show. When one chooses to watch only a few things on TV, one does miss getting to see them.

I did call work last night so they wouldn't worry when I didn't show up this morning. Which I didn't. On the other hand, I'm due to go feed the critters here. They won't starve, but it's brunch today instead of breakfast.

I did get the prints from N'Orleans back, but under this weather as it were haven't scanned anything yet. Besides, I need to clean off the desk desparately too. I'm starting to think about bringing in a trash can to do that, and if something gets missed because of it... tough.

We'll see.

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