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Busy Day, Busy Day.

Thus, I suppose, a sense of accomplishment should be the order of the day. Not quite sure it will be, though.

Following the slow, pleasant start to the day, consuming coffee in a civilised manner (slowly) and then got dressed & headed out with Herself to feed the Kids & Horses, Goats, and Hogs. After the feeding frenzy, Houdini & I loaded up in Forrest NissanPickup to make a feed run, getting Cow and Bird. Houdini enjoyed visiting one of his 'girl friends', she's a clerk at the feed store and gives him dog cookies. Also tanked up Forrest.

We unloaded the Cow feed upon arrival home, no one in sight when we pulled up, nor while we got ready. Pour of the first bag into the barrel, though, and bovines came running from the woods on the far side of their pasture. Hopeful to the end, they stood and waited, watching feed pour into barrels, knowing some would be coming their way.

They're right, however, not at the time. Will be feeding time for them in another half hour or so. Possibly less.

Back to the house, stash the Bird feed, and carry some things into Studio 318 for storage. There, make a few 'compromising' photographs as well. More on that later. Perhaps. Depends. Bribes, anyone?

Afternoon after lunch, the plan included heading in to the bank, and paying property taxes. Long story short, this plan essentially accomplished. Short story lengthened, the past couple days Sydney SubaruOutback seemed a bit sluggish on startup. I figured time to clean battery terminals, add that to the to do list upon arrival home. Except, at the Post Awful (where I stopped to check the Post Awful Box and put the property tax check into the mail), Sydney No Start. Only clickieclickie noises.

Called Herself, who brought Forrest (and Houdini) and we tried jump-starting. No joy. Being standard transmissions, we then tried push-starting (classic farm practice, eh?) with Success. So we drove Sydney in to his mechanics. I figured bad battery. Trying to remember when I put it in, and not being able to remember, means old battery. Add that to the severe freezes (four in a 30 day period) and likely the battery developed a hairline fracture. But, possibly, an old starter going bad.

Probably not, though. Mechanic called while still on the road home. Battery replaced, one terminal eroded through. Charging system checked OK. Had them check a couple other things as we didn't plan on turning around and heading back to town at that point (nearly home) and I can pick him up after work tomorrow.

Did get to stop at the Bank. There completed two of three transactions, arranging a regular monthly transfer from Savings to IRA, depositing a check, and asked about yet determined Bank does not provide pre-paid Visa debit cards.

We want one of those to help deal with the feed store. Odd (not illegal, just odd, and old fashioned) book-keeping practices on our account there in the past few months result in our account pretty constantly being in the '60 to 90 Days In Arrears status, despite my paying on the account regularly every two weeks. We've ascertained what those book-keeping practices are, and they pretty much consistently result in small amounts (because they are clearing entire invoices) left in that old date range. Since feed store won't let us put any more feed on the account with amounts that far in arrears (despite it being their bookkeeping rather than my payment schedule), I've stopped paying.

Well, not totally. Pay once a month. The rest of the time, I'm purchasing the feed. As I explained to the store manager, I've enough funds on hand to pay on the account, or pay for feed. With hungry animals, guess what I'm paying for, and I'll give you a big clue...

So, looking into a pre-paid debit card so that we don't need to time week-day trips so I can pay and Herself can get the feed loaded.

Bank does not provide pre-paid debit cards.

Stopped at CVS Pharmacy, where Herself saw pre-paid cards. They're offered through a company called Green Dot. Find them on the web, or ask if you're interested. There's a small monthly fee, and a start-up fee, and the cards may be re-loaded. Tried to get one. Cash Only. Debit cards attached to a bank account apparently don't count as cash. Nor do credit cards. Cash. Only. Still, we can do this, now we know we need cash.

Then back home, getting that call mentioned above on the way. Forrest is snug inside with two Humans and a Border Collie. Doable, and snug.

That's the day so far. Now, time to go feed teh Horses and teh Cows, then teh Bros, and, of course, us.
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