madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Day. Oh.

Picked up the Subaru from the mechanics after work today. Some of what we got done, could of done (have done in the past) here, which would be putting in a new battery. However, since I'd not been sure it was only battery, and since the Check Engine light was also on... mechanic.

Bad sensor led to Check Engine. Sensor replaced. Starter OK. Sydney SubaruOutback now runs a bit smoother, though his idle speed is low. This is something we've seen before, the first day or two after being at the mechanic idle low, then he gets back to normal.

Houdini & Squrrl glad to see me home. That always feels good. We've done walkabout rounds, fed teh Cows and Horses and tucked in the goats with some hay. Then the Bros got supper. Getting on to time for our dinner now.

Exciting, eh?
Tags: life, ranch

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