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Fritter Fritter Fritter

Just spent some time perusing 'People You May Know' on Facebook. Yes, I wander around over in that zone too. On the other hand, I'm probably too paranoid to let it truly do me any good, as I don't play the games, don't list much for background. Keep in mind, as great a place for networking and connection as it is, TANSTAAFL applies. You get to put up all your personal information for free. They get to deal that information around for $$$.


Did find a few people I may know, however one I went searching for. The other two I tagged as well.

Sorted through a lot of files on two USB hard drives the past few days, trying to get storage (filing) in some semblance of order. That way one drive does serve as a backup and the other as ongoing external storage. Why do I need external storage with a terrabyte of internal storage? Probably a good question. Probably I don't want to come up with an answer.

Also finished putting up shelves in Herself's current office. I say current because we're also looking at moving her workstation/desk into the room I call office. Something about consistency, the fact that we had this room wired to a higher amp circuit when we got the House, and ease of demonstrating to the Infernal Revenuers that yes, this is the office. See? Ranch, Cottage, Studio all doing business through this one office.

Still, bookshelves are always a good thing.

Now, dinner time. Ta!
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