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Australia Day

And if you don't know what that is, go look it up.

A Happy Australia Day to my friends in the Lucky Country.

Today I've been Proof Mining. At least, that's the term I coined today, because working through images to create 'proof' files is drudgery. Open a batch of files. Crop as necessary to eliminate the areas not supposed to be showing (as in the area outside the backdrop). Paste in the watermark signature. Flatten (text is placed on a layer in Photoshop, and that's my tool) image. Save. Close. Repeat. If I opt to decrease resolution as well, add another step. Necessary. Boring. Today.

In between Proof Mining I've also made a Feed Run with Houdini, walked the Bros a couple times on rounds, fed teh Ranch morning and evening, but not a lot else. Slacker today, eh?

Tomorrow, back to Hospital and Real Work.

We got a good soaking with yesterday's rain, continued into the night. Thunder left off before bed time, though. Curiously, though not unexpectedly Houdini opted to sleep in the travel crate set up in House for his brother Squrrl. Squrrl did not need to come in last night, not cold enough. Plus, he spend a good part of the night discouraging an opossum from getting too chummy with the Dirty Yard Birds Mob (our chickens). Blustery windy today, until later afternoon, and now it's chilling down again. Not forecast to be a freeze, though close.

Dinner soon. Thus, Ta.
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