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New Phones

Over the past mumble-mumble months, I've sounded off a few times here about the Treo NotSoSmartPhone I purchased oh, three years a go. Or just shy of. Now, to be fair I don't think it's the hardware that's at fault in this NotSoSmart business. I think it's the operating system that Palm chose to use for the device. That OS embodied all of the worst of the characteristics everyone loves to hate, Hate, HATE about Microshaft Winders. A down-sized Mobile version... yah. Not so much. Bloody thing forgot a half dozen times how to synchronise with the data on the PC (Laptop, long before that beast showed signs of problems), and that in the first five months of owning it. I suppose I should of sent it back in, but by that point we got past the Return Period.

At any rate, the past few months saw an escalating frequency of the incidents which contributed to the NotSoSmartness. Needing to be re-booted sometimes twice in one work-day. Telling me that insufficient memory existed to save a file, despite there being well over a half-gig left on the memory card in the slot. What? Oh, there is no memory card, eh? Time to reboot, but of course that means... loose the file. Now, the memory card won't eject. Time. For. A. New. Phone.

So, Herself and I now both have new phones. Same phone numbers, new phones. Not getting into the kind; so far we're both happy (and that despite Herself 'needing to learn a new gadget'), and we're also in the first 24 hours. There've been a few odd things, solved by a reset. Things like the calendar pretty consistently displaying the time blocks for things off by three hours later (hence, off to the East of me, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean). Honestly, since Herself isn't seeing those quirks, I suspect... myself. Playing around, and getting something off.

Now, though, I'm both bemused and amused and WTF?! These new phones recognise, and are willing to use, the Home Wireless network we've got here with Sky Interwebz. Except, wants a password. I've tried the security key I set up when installing the router, and the router password. Neither is accepted as correct. Huhn. Well, I'll search around for any additional notes I may (or not) of made. On the other hand, could be that router is the biggest source of the connectivity issues with Old Laptop. Or not. No way to know now, with Laptop in a bit of a coma, still.

Meanwhile, two (somewhat) amusing incidents revolving around the fact that all the Contacts Info needs to be hand-entered into New Phone (remember that lack of synchronicity, eh?). One is simply a friend texting me some information, which showed up as an Incoming Number Only. I didn't recognise the number, because it's been a while since I've actually like dialed that number, it being associated in a Phone Book with Friend. However, didn't take long to figure it out. The information being offered is something quite high on my interest list.

The other involved entering an incorrect number for another friend, to whit their old land-line phone number, left behind when they moved. The initial responses could well be within Said Friend's sense of humour limits, so it took a few exchanges of text (again, texting) to Catch The Clue Bus. Last message sent: Oops. Sorry. Transcribed wrong number into new phone.

One of the built-in ringtones avaiable is 'Bark', the sound of a good sized big-chested dog barking. Herself assigned this ring tone to my number, so when I checked in after work today... well, apparently I woke up one of the Kittehs Of Apocalypse who became quite perturbed that a Foreign Dog got into her house and was Right Next To Her, even if safely trapped into a small box. No dog that big has any right to be inside and that close to her, even trapped in a tiny box.

Now, to find out what other ways we might freak out the fur-chillins with these new toys.
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