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Life Is What It Is

And so we make what we may of the ingredients. As it were.

Still getting to know the new Smart Phone. There are quirks, and yet it works much better than the Treo NotSoSmartPhone... so far. Particularly at the process of synchronising with the PC. I'm reserving further comment, however, as an odd message came up this morning. Will do further research and see.

Couple of things from yesterday. First of all it was Stay Late day at Hospital, and on nearly all such occasions we simply figure this means working a double shift. Now, truly working a double isn't the most common, it is merely that figuring one will is the least painful psychologically. I'm just a-gonna be here for a double, eh? Most often, it's about half that. Yesterday, it lasted 15 minutes, primarily because I was helping some colleagues finish their case and get their patient out of the room and it took the Evening Charge Nurse that long to find me and tell me, Go Home.

So I did. With a stop at the grocery store on the way and to pick up pizza for dinner, since Herself wasn't expecting me home that early (see previous paragraph on Stay Late). She'd also worked the day at Hoggetowne Medieval Faire - Sticky Dollar Day, meaning that the Friday of the Faire is when area schools bring their students on a Field Trip. So hunting and gathering the Pizza Beast meant she wouldn't need to figure something to cook for both of us. Worked well, too, until around 20:00 when she told me, Um, No Water...

Checked the well-head. Breaker hadn't tripped, so I turned the pump breaker off. Opened the switch box, and Aha! There's the problem! Starter capacitor blew out. Over the 23 years we've lived on teh Ranch this is probably the sixth or seventh time this happened. The fix is easy, power down, remove old one & disconnect leads, connect to new one, place in box. Power up.

Need to go purchase the new one first, though. Those six or seven times this occurs average out to 3.29 years between events, and they don't actually occur on the average. I don't, for example, remember when I replaced the current one, meaning it is at least the average interval but probably longer than that. Either way, I don't keep a replacement on hand. Our local Ace Hardware stores carry them, so no worries. Trip to either town (Archer or Williston) will provide the replacement. I will check the pressure switch before leaving, as a surge such as probably happened with the condenser blowing may of burned contacts on the pressure switch. We've replaced that four times or so in the past 23 years, eh? At least two of those times associated with one of the condenser replacements. The other times involved insects finding their way into the stitch and being in the wrong place when the stitch tripped...

Well, that's one reason we keep our own water bottled on hand. Thus there is coffee this morning even without well working, and water for the kids to get their morning milk. And either Houdini or Squrrl will get a ride into town.

However, replacing the piece could mean wet; it's a rainy weekend here. Supposed to see a stretch of time between oh about now and late afternoon when the chance of showers drops significantly. Doesn't go away, drops significantly. I may be working under a big umbrella for the actual replacement, though.



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Feb. 5th, 2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
Mine has died twice in ten years. Both on Sundays
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 5th, 2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
We are dry now, and it did not rain while Boss was herding the wires. Herding wires is very boring though.
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 6th, 2011 09:07 pm (UTC)
glad you got it fixed, my well pressure has been acting weird, not sure if its the gauge or what, since pump was replaced int he last 5 years, bother
Feb. 6th, 2011 09:16 pm (UTC)
Unlikely to be the gauge, if by gauge you mean the dial that shows you the pressure. Could be: pressure switch (they do burn out after time) or the tank (the pneumatic bladder starts to leak, doesn't hold its pressure), or the water table...

Just so optimistic, eh?

Got a disk for you.
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