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I Can Haz A Fish

Or most anything I suppose, if one considers 'fish' to be like the 'x' or 'y' in a mathematic equation. Not sure where that came from particularly and somewhat sure, because I've been contemplating the fact that I use such placeholders periodically. Hospital, for example, could be anyplace except that in this part of the blog-o-sphere it corresponds to ****** ** ** which employs my education, skills, and years and years of experience as a Registered Nurse. However, not mentioning the specifics, simply calling the place Hospital, lets me (occasionally) rant on about the dysfunctional dynamics of the place without running too much risk of being fired.

Which has happened, to someone who did exactly that only over at another public website kind of place which shall remain nameless but whose initials are FB. Mind you, not terribly bright on that individual's part at least in my opinion. Still. If you've met me in the Physical, Einsteinian Universe you've probably got a good idea the name of the place. Despite being Retired, I should like to keep the employment status going for a bit. I will say, it is an incredible difference of attitude on my part there. More likely to (diplomatically, most probably) make waves now than in the past few years because now that 30 year investment is SAFE. They can fire me. They can't take the other away any more. Done deal. Contract completed.

In other news on the Placeholder theme, I've little to no compunction about mentioning the names of goods or services which don't function so well such as the old Treo NotSoSmart Phone recently replaced with New Smart Phone, one each for Herself and Self. I'm sure you noticed, however, I didn't mention which Smart Phone replaced the old Treo NotSoSmart because frankly, after a good bit of research, nearly all the smart phones are pretty functional and it's all up to your desired variable mileage.

Currently I'm running into a situation where I'm not sure if a goods/service is interfering with home computing or it is something else going on with, say weather at the Sky Interwebz Service Provider location. Norton Antivirus came installed on the new PC's. After running into the discovery that not all older software is compatible with Windows 7 (to the point of crashing a machine), I let the Norton run rather than installing my licensed copy of AVG. Of course, I intended to inquire is my licensed copy of AVG compatible... and procrastinated. Norton's free period ran out. I checked, and downloaded the free version of AVG, buying a bit more time to make the inquiry. Norton keeps yelling at me that I've turned off my virus and firewall protection (not so, even the AVG free is providing this). Today, link speeds seemed a bit slower.

Thus, is Norton interfering with current operations until I purchase it? Or, is the current newish installation of AVG slowing things a bit as it builds its knowledge base of what I do on the Web? Or, was it the Windows Media Player running in the background? Probably I shall never know, really.

Not too worried about that, believe it or not. I may well go ahead and pay Norton, even after determining if my current license for AVG allows me to upgrade to the Win7 compatible version. It is a truth about the whole anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-invasive-cookies aspect of the Interwebz, and the truth first came to me expressed by my father. Dad and I were discussing whether or not Chevrolet (GM) made better vehicles than Ford since Dad purchased only Chevrolet vehicles. The primary point in his comment is that Ford wouldn't be in business as long as it had at the time if it didn't make a quality product. He purchased GM products because he worked for GM via Chevrolet and received a hefty employee discount.

So all anti-virus software works and will stop nearly all the problems from truly trouncing you. All will also catch some things that another application will not. Thus, running a couple different apps these days begins to make some sense.

And hush about how Apple is so immune to this; the Apple OS is not immune. It simply isn't targeted as strongly as the Microshaftoft products are because the latter made such a concerted effort to take over the marketplace.

Meanwhile, Herself continues to be amazed at how much she's using the features of her new Smart Phone. She'd continued to insist while I shopped to get the upgrades that she liked her brick cellphone, and she only needed a brick cellphone. Note: both of us prefer the 'bricks' to the 'flips' because they are a bit more resistant to physical damage and out here on teh Ranch sometimes the goats or such want to call Aunt Matilda or something. Goats may be pretty rough on flip-style cellphones. Still, within 24 hours of receiving the new phone ... back up a bit.

She brought me a link to an accessory for New Smart Phone and said, will this work? Said accessory is a card reader to accept payment via debit or credit cards. She's quite certain she will make more sales, particularly of the craft work she provides alongside the produce, at Farmers Markets if she may accept/process credit/debit cards. Why Yes, I replied, it will work with Smart Phone. And so she allowed she might be interested in one, maybe, but probably still wouldn't use all that 'other stuph'.

Within 24 hours of getting new Smart Phone, I come home from work and Herself is all 'O Hai! Look whats you can do with Smart Phone! And this too! And this!' All things I'd not played with quite yet, mind you. Then again, I'd been off to Hospital, with my New Smart Phone, and remaining pretty focused on Patients. And that's another place-holder word, which lets you know what I do yet doesn't violate any of the precepts of HIPPA or the basic ethical foundation pounded into me by all my teachers in Nursing College.
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