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Two Weeks

Two weeks to the day, and the well is again not pumping water. Interesting when a basic service is no longer immediately available, and what one does about it. In town on civic utilities, an interruption in water supply usually indicates a big problem or an unpaid bill. Here, it could be a power grid problem, or something mechanical. Power problem could be local too... which is what I'm suspecting. Inspection of the well head shows the replaced parts of two weeks ago to apparently be intact. The main breaker, on the service entry pole, did not trip. It's the in box breaker which tripped, and when I reset it and the main breaker, the pump started and ran for... a minute or so.

I'm done with the trouble-shooting I can do. Called the pump service this morning. Got their voice mail, left a message. Could be an interesting weekend, water-wise.


Meanwhile, coffee, cooking, and such no worries. We keep bottled water, and it's our water not purchased, so we've got that. Most of the livestock are on water tanks, and those tanks topped off so there's a day or two of water for them. The hogs are on a demand system, though. They'll be getting thirsty, possibly, later today. And the chickens need refills at least every other day. Those we could get out of our bottled water supply, but not the hogs.

Plus, I work at Hospital tonight, night shift. No shower, or go in a bit early and use the shower at work. Which is on the list, if things aren't back up and running before then. Which they may be, as the pump fellow just called. Still, depends on exactly what is wrong.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, it's about time to head out and feed the morning rounds of hungry mouths. Which means using some more of that bottled water to mix up kid milk.

First, a wee bit more coffee.
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