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And Now... or Ping Firesmithghost

We apparently are entertaining, after a fashion, an uninvited visitor to teh Ranch. Over the weekend while heading out to do evening rounds I heard a dog barking further back from the Big House. Didn't see one, and our property line and fence is comparatively close in that direction. Barking dog could be other side of the fence on that neighbor's side. Still, mentioned it to Herself as stray dogs and young kids do not mix well.

Day before yesterday, Herself confirmed presence of said dog with a visual confirmation, and on our side of the fence. Dog took off when it saw her coming, though that may of had to do with her carrying her 20 Gauge Featherlight. Today I saw the dog, and meandered over that way just myself. Dog barked at me, and I stopped my wandering about 18 metres / 20 feet away, on the other side of a bowl-shaped depression and sat down to just talk with this dog. Not a lot of barking on dog's part after that, though some growling. Then again, carcass from a recent death here on teh Ranch was within six feet / two metres or so and I expect dog felt some concern about loosing that bounty.

Following about a 20 minute chat about weather, carcasses, scared and hungry dogs with collars and broken leads on them, I got up and walked away. During the chat, dog settled down in a down position, but the growling continued, though lower. After claiming the Bros and feeding Horses and Cows and Bros, I took some kibbles over along with an old stock pot with water, and left it about as far away as I'd been while chatting.

Not sure what happened here, never will know. Still, dog has collar, and that broken red nylon lead. Rather hound-dog appearing, mutt though as there are characteristics of, well, Dawg about it. Not even sure, yet of gender or neuter status. Not getting that close.

I'm hoping we can get dog calmed down enough to get some control, and very much hoping there's a tag on that collar as well. If this is a lost dog, may hap we could reunite with their person. If it's an abandoned dog... well, that's an issue for other authorities. Or potentially, we may be able to move this dog along in a Rescue. Don't know, insufficient data here. Until we can get close, and control, this is a stray with potential for big problems on a working ranch with young livestock about.

In dogs favour is that we've not seen any sign of it up by the goats.

We'll see.
Tags: dogs, life, ranch

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