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Just so you know, there's no hook here again. Simply a post-Night shift blurry day, no energy to do a thing, can't sleep or the clowns will get me, blah.

Being productive consists of doing the laundry, in progress (in fact, just received a reminder it's time to go check and change, thank you SmartPhone), perusing various places on the web either requiring not a lot of thought or I'm using the wrong search terms. To whit, YouTube and not turning much up, plus a few other places I visit occasionally. Did help load a goat up into a trailer, and off down the road he went, where he will get teh opportunity to sire more goats. Better prospect than he faced here, particularly since he showed a regrettable tendency to get his head stuck in the fence.

Short route to the freezer, that.

Houdini reminds me I've a sandwich here on the desk, and if I'm not going to do anything with it...

Back to YouTube to try the non-existent search-fu. This time, look for a different subject all together.
Tags: life, photography, ranch

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