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Side of Grumpiness on Pi Dae

In a conversation last week, during lunch, someone who modeled for me once expressed discontent with those photographs being shown. I reminded them they signed a contract/release. I reminded them they received recompense for their time. In that order. I did not mention that if they didn't want their image displayed publicly, they could of commissioned the work. Different rules apply.

Still and all, those images are being retired. It is far less hassle for me to do so. The work comprises one session. It is less than a major portion of my body of work, and the one portion of the set which I may feel quite strongly about showing some time I can re-create, with different energy, with a different model.

This person is not a professional model. This carries some bearing on the issue. Images retired. End of discussion.

End of grump.
Tags: art, photography
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