madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Short. Srsly.

Enjoying the weekend. Herself off to SCA yesterday, the Bros & I with Ranch Watch. All covered, including feed run. Laundry done. Walkabout with Houdini (rather than both, because with only one they are less likely to get carried away) to check for wind damage from last week storms, scout locations for irritating plants, and look for a new calf.

Film at Eleven.

Right now, drinking coffee at a civilised pace, listening to music. Some of the music in my library is purchased. Some is gifted. I tend not to remove/delete anything, if gifted, and I'm simply going to mention I'm not applying much in the way of ratings to Celine Dion. Not unpleasant. Simply unrated. No stars.
Tags: life the universe and everything
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