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What a week. I doubt I'll go into much about the Week at Hospital. On the other hand all day Friday and part of Thursday is overtime, in fact on the order of 11 hours. Got home from Hospital yesterday and helped Herself prepare for today's Haile Plantation Farmers Market by washing/peeling spring onions and trimming off the roots, then preliminary packing of Forrest NissanPickup.

Forrest got re-shod this week, four new tyres and moving an almost one year old tyre to the spare. The old spare looked quite good if one simply considered the tread. The sidewalls, however, showed dry rot & cracking. Looking at the log book we determined that set of tyres provided a mere 112,000 kilometres/70,000 miles. Well, OK, three of those tyres provided that. We did need to replace one last year. Gotta love Cooper Tyres.

This week coming up will see a bit of work on teh Ranch, and possibly, probably two photo sessions come next weekend. I'm feeling a bit behind with that; proofs provided from the last scheduled session to the model quite a while back, but nothing to show you folks. Another measure of what life's been like around here. What photography work I've done consists of what I call sketchbook (preparations for a concept shoot or more than one concept shoot) and the whole View Camera thing. View Camera is not exactly on hold, however, haven't finished the cleanup yet either. Film is now ordered.

After (to return to the first thread here) the long week, and helping prep for Farmers Market, oh, and pulling a branch which fell across the fence line between Goats and Neighbors. Goats were happy, fresh leaves, unfortunately for them they were also climbing the fence to get to them, and the branch broke two old fence posts. So pulled the majority of the branch back and away from the fence, tossing them the portions I broke off with leaves. Today will see replacing those two posts. Anyway, after all that and dinner, I filled the tub with Very Hot Water and parboiled my aching legs and back.

Slept pretty good, I think, as a consequence.

Now drinking coffee at a civilised pace, writing this, and going to test the cross-posting to LJ following the Week of DDoS Drama there and the reminder I've not visited Dreamwidth for a bit. So. Here we go.
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