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How Do You Spend Your Exciting Sunday Mornings?

On this one, I am getting 'help' from Houdini 'herding' the invoices into the books for teh Ranch. It is such an exciting chore, oh yes.

Since I'm so very amused by the whole business (whatever the cause) of the DDoS at the LJ site, I'm trying the cross-posting route again today. At least this morning I could access the site to read, though I didn't try logging in just yet. For the record, all this brough-ha-ha did prompt me to change my password over on LJ. Twice. Just because. On the cross-posting thing, I find that the process links selected icons by the keyword. So since I chose 'meditation' yesterday, that's the one which cross-posted. Not quite the same image, though. Today I'm selecting 'Houdini & I' for the above mentioned assistance from Capable Assistant.

Herself experienced our best day ever so far at Haile Plantation Farmers Market yesterday. A whopping $30 US in sales. ::Does the Happy Income Dance::

More later. Today includes the usual Feed teh Ranch, and laundry, and... well, I'm sure there will be more.
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