madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Quothe John Lennon

Today is the first real day of two weeks off from Hospital, in order to get some things done around teh Ranch and such. So of course I spend it...

Passing a kidney stone.

Ah well. Mostly feeling tired and wiped just now, plus a bit stoned on the pain med though the dose on that is reduced from the recommendation because I think the stone is indeed passed as in past tense.

Being mildly stoned is an interesting state of mind with which to re-read Digger.

Further experiments today, even though it appears that the LJ is up and running again. Last cross-posted entry I mentioned I used the Houdini & I icon. Might of been the default icon, as that is what is selected on DW for the default. I'm happy keeping the DW side a free account, even though this puts a serious crimp on icon selection.

I'm also tagging Houdini because he did his level best to help me through the stone passing. Good Dog, Houdini.

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Tags: life the universe and everything
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