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Sipping coffee at a civilised pace. Time off from Hospital will do that. Too bad it's being interfered with by stones. Not sure if it's another piece (don't think the full thing, if actually the size described, passed) or another stone, and there is cramping going on this morning. Pain meds & anti-spasmodics and re-positioning and it's getting better.

Yesterday several errands, and a good thing this wasn't going on then because two of them involved driving. No operating heavy machinery this morning! Yesterday needed to get tires rotated on Forrest Nissan Pickup. New tires went on last week, and sometimes radials need tweaking for which wheel they're mounted upon. There'd been a noticeable pull to the passenger side. Now it's gone.

After tire work in Williston, up the road to Archer for the feed run. Home and unloaded. Then into the office for catch-up work (nearly done) on the book keeping. Time to run the tax software is nigh upon us! At any rate, the next errand came up in the afternoon. Herself had two checks from weekend sales to deposit, and we needed a few groceries. Since there'd been some rain, and a temperature drop, I loaded Houdini up to go with me and we swung through the bank and two other stores for groceries/vitamins. Then home again, jiggidy jig jig. Houdini enjoyed the ride. I enjoyed the company.

We'll see what I get accomplished today.

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