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Day. Oh.

Not up early, not up late. Restless sleep, following the previous night of no or little sleep for previously stated reasons. Coffee at civilised pace. Out to help with morning Ranch, then back to the house. Moved vehicles to help move other things and make a place for visitors later. Straighten up in Studio 318 in case the weather turned, and for tomorrow when the weather is not supposed to be as nice as today.

Through this some helping Herself with Ranch (getting some things ready for tomorrow as well, Haile Plantation Farmers Market), plus some things about the House. Printed forms needed, made sure equipment prepped, bag prepped including topical anti-inflammatories just in case. Filled water bottles for walkabout.

Visitors arrived at 15:00. Went walkabout for photo session. Preliminary review looks good, and I will state first User Error. I mean by this I don't know the camera I used quite well enough yet. In the back of my mind is the old proverb that a poor craftsman blames his tools, and this is not the case. I made the choices, and the machinery responded. What I know better about this particular camera, the one I purchased for Herself, is that it doesn't respond well in autofocus in low-contrast lighting. Since we worked primarily in the shade of trees, low contrast.

Something I knew, and did not exactly re-discover is camera shake with low shutter speed. So out of today's work, perhaps a couple dozen unusable due to camera motion blur. Again, not the tool. Craftsman switched to using tripod which helped; I was still using the shutter button rather than the remote. When the shutter speed dropped too low, still some camera shake.

Overall, though, I'm happy with the time and the results. Doing sketchbook photos of the particular scenes chosen in the near past (as in less than 1 year) helped a lot; knew where to work, knew the relative light available at the time, worked.

More later. Now, sleepy time. Oh, and than you for following yesterday's links to see the photos.

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