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Saturn Dae

Herself up early and off to Haile Plantation Farmers Market. Self up not quite as early, yet before Herself left. Ranch fed, me fed, fluids in, and off to Studio 318. Last bit of cleanup there, hoover the rugs before spreading the backdrop. Slow and steady.

Doozer arrived about 12:30 or a bit earlier; we started shooting by 12:30 for sure. Today's subject Spring Fae (Fairy) and ... well, a couple things here. Doozer looks quite different in long blonde hair, and who knew (other than Doozer) that Spring Fae is a Blonde? I mean, this doesn't rule out an other interpretation even on my own part some when, yet this particular business of the Four Seasons Fae is a collaboration with Doozer and... damn. Spring is a Blonde.

Good to know.

Yes, you are correct I've not posted much at all of the Autumn Fae session. Why do you ask? I'm figuring to post a combination I expect, bits from both.

What I've not told you yet (but will) is the next concept Doozer started working on which is AWESOME. Lest I put more thought into her mind this character at least is Water, or Ocean. (I'm staying away from saying, yes, I am, oh like hell I am...) I hesitate to say Water, Air, Fire, Earth, however I wouldn't put it past her.

After the shoot, files copied, metadata added, getting ready for the backup burn. Then there are two days of work to get through while also keeping up with those other things.

Like getting Harrison Ford 8N Tractor back to running.

Oh, and today the connection to G-mail is acting wonky. Gotta be something, I suppose.

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