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This weekend, our Sky TV provider is offering Free Stations. Obviously this is a ploy to entice us into spending more $$$ adding more stations to our account. On the one hand, I'm not sure that will succeed, particularly since we're looking at the other bills and working on paying off several. On the other hand, we are enjoying seeing some things we either missed when they came around on the movie channels we do get, or haven't come around on those channels yet.

On the Gripping Hand, last evening we watched Avatar with dinner. Enjoyed it; Herself says a well told story. I'm recalling some of the critique I read here in the Blogosphere when it first released theatrically, about the simplicity of the storyline, cliche subject matter, and such. I agree, yet I wonder how much of that (in retrospect) proved related to the decision to exploit the newest 3D imagery abilities, appearing to hype for the tech more than the story. May be this is a re-telling of numerous classic, cliche Hero Goes Native, Saves World stories. Still worked for us. Then again, we didn't pay the $$$ at theatre to view it, either. Only the usual monthly Sky TV bill.

Late afternoon errands included a town run for some groceries and a software package. I'm a procrastinator, indeed, and we are closing upon a Financial Deadline here in this country. This year, at least, I am ready to start before that deadline; last couple of years not all the expenses and incomes got entered in time. May still need to File For Extension, being honest (and looking at other chores) looking at timelines, still, there's a chance we'll be on time.

Saw the New Calf in the Herd yesterday. Actually, saw New Calf on Friday during walkabout photoshoot with Visitors, we didn't push limits trying to get close enough for some identification vision. Yesterday the entire Herd showed for dinner feed, and New Calf is a heifer! Lot more steady on her hooves, and skittish about Loud Noises (feed cookies pouring into the troughs) and OMGMOMWOOLVES! the Border Collie Bros. That latter bothers Squrrl more than Houdini. Squrrl takes checking out all the New Arrivals Verrah Srsly. Verrah.

Today the plan includes Herself going to help Shire move items off the property where they'd been meeting regularly up until 'bout six months ago. Some of that property is personal and will be coming back to teh Ranch. Some is Shire Owned. The difference is important and legal; all individual groups of the SCA register a name, and being part of the parent organisation are d.b.a SCA (Groupname). So the group may own property, and most do.

Also on the Plan of the Day, Laundry. Yes. Life goes on.

Also Also on the Plan of the Day, Friend S should be coming by and we will discover if those old spark plugs in Harrison Ford 8N Tractor will respond to Application of Copious Quantities of Kroll (may be off on that spelling, it is a super-penetrating oil to which S introduced me, and so far we've only needed to break one nut in working on this tractor using it). The alternative is a lot more work, because if any one of those plugs breaks while attempting removal then the head needs to come off, which means at minimum a new head gasket after drilling out the broken plug. Could be even more, if we need to do that and we discover Other Things in that thar engine.

Finally on that Plan of the Day, work on this Financial Deadline.

I could claim I'd be two days ahead on this without the kidney stone incidents...

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