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Life in the Not So Fast Lane

The past week and a bit, other than the business with stones, reflects what and how things may be once I do actually stop going to Hospital on a Monday through Friday basis. I stay up maybe a bit later than my 'normal' and get up a bit later than as well. Not by much. After all, it's a temporary thing. Morning chores are the same as say a weekend day, and then the rest of the day revolves around the project(s) defined for the needs. In this case, mostly trying to get the tractor running but other things as well.

Birdsong and other such sounds are what we usually hear, with occasional traffic out on the road. Road is not terribly far, yet we did site our house back and away from the road. Initially that was for both dust and noise since when we first moved here Road was lime-rock gravel and when things get dry, so did the lime-rock and lots of dust from vehicle passage. Road got paved (sealed, the Kiwis call it, eh?) back 10 years or so due to maintenance expense mostly. Traffic increased on Road to that extent, but that's another story.

Yesterday much the same, except we got visitors of a sort. First off while out feeding the critters, a neighbor pulled up looking for goat, and we sold two yearling bucklings. Good news as that paid the feed bill for the week, at least for the other goats. Then while we finished up the feed and water for the goats another person pulled up, not a neighbor but looking for a neighbor.

Most of the traffic on the road we recognise, at least as being a vehicle belonging to someone who lives further up the road. Most of them don't pull in here often, so two in one morning... big event. We like that.

Feed run after feeding, trying to get Forrest ready to load for the Monday Farmers Market. Had to unload Forrest first, and move the trailer, all things Herself brought back from the site Shire had been meeting (see previous postings for hints). Things like folding chairs, cooking gear (there's a building they'd done up as a kitchen at Horse Arena), lights (which Herself donated, so they came back to us), and a couple other things. Got the truck emptied, but not so much in time. Once the feed was unloaded and stored, it was near 15 minutes before opening of Farmers Market which is about a half-hour drive from home so Herself took the evening off.

In the later afternoon, during the part of the day we are already retreating from heat, I got around to pulling the hard drive from Laptop What Died in December. I'd bought an external housing a couple years back thinking it might be for a floppy drive. It wasn't, it's for a small size HD such as from Laptop, and I put Laptop's HD into it and the good news is, all the data there is recovered. Turns out I really hadn't missed backing up much either, and it's still good to recover what's there. No errors on the drive, so Laptop's demise involves some other parts. I suppose I'll donate it to the Otterz Mob as a photo prop now, since I suspect a dead motherboard and don't see a lot of reason to shop around for a new motherboard that will fit a laptop case.

That hard drive, I think I'll re-format it once I've verified I've gotten all the data off. It might work in a different laptop, but dunno. Operating systems and all, dunno.

Today's chores include the usual, Feed the Ranch. Then load up the 8N Cowling in Forrest and over to Friend and Guide S's place as he has a sand-blaster in his shop. Finish up laundry, work on some other aspects of tractor, and work on the photos from the two shoots to prepare the proofs disks.

Most of that will get done.

I could get used to this pace.

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