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That Was Intellectually Interesting

Finishing up with the evening rounds, back into the house, time to relieve intra-cystic hydrostatic pressure. You know, drain the bod into the porcelain seat, eh? And not a big one, not based on the pressure felt, accompanied by a slight burning sensation and...



There's a stone in the porcelain seat, eh?

Took it long enough to work through from last week. Then again, it's bigger than estimated, too. Not a lot, and mostly on a third axis, and bigger.

Went back to work yesterday, after a call on Thursday begging me. Won't go into details, not sure they really needed me badly for this, and just as happy I went in because what we did we'll be doing again, and it is new, and investigational, and that's about all I can say about it. However, being part of this one lets me do some preliminary thinking before we do the next one.

Going in to work tonight. Houdini already figured this out. He is not happy that BossStaysHomeDays are over. In one way neither am I. As I mentioned, I could get very used to the pace of the past two weeks, getting things done and accomplished even if discovering the chore to be larger than estimated. In another way, it's OK. After all we still need to decrease the amount of out-flow to a point where the amount of in-flow from the Monthly Stipend will cover things. Or at least to a point where I can feel comfortable going onto a true part-time line.

Didn't get everything done on the To Do list. Didn't expect to. Got some of it done. That's good.

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