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Life in the Not So Fast Lane

Received notice earlier this month, and already had it on my calendar, that I need to renew my AORN membership. This comes around every year in April, and needs must be submitted by the end of the month lest my membership lapse. I just did so, using the on-line service (quite handy) because, well, I got distracted.

I am mildly surprised by this, and only mildly. Not that the process proved convenient and easy. I've used it before. That I waited, procrastinated until the last day of the month. In previous years my activity level in this professional association... and some when in the past three years, I've backed off from much more than perusing items on line and reading the AORN Journal every month. I almost let my membership lapse. Oh, I'd of renewed as soon as I uncovered the notice on my desk or read the reminder e-mail (in fact, that's what I did, read the reminder e-mail). But I'd of lapsed, experienced a brief interlude of Not Being A Member.

It is quite a self-revelation, this. My life is changed, somewhat.


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