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(Nearly)Mindless Meanderings

There is quite the to-do in the news today, apparently starting yesterday evening after I'd headed off to bed. I do not gainsay anyone else in their choices on this.

I do not celebrate murderers. In any manner.

Reading through a photography lighting related site which one friend, one of my muses, pointed me towards in a somewhat indirect manner. She actually pointed me to an article on-line about the fellow who is managing the site, from whence I wandered over to the site and experienced a Doh! moment. I've heard of the place before, and a couple other people I know are working from it as well and I've seen their work.

The site is Strobist - and it's about lighting photographs on the inexpensive. Or at least the relatively inexpensive, with some DIY aspects and some equipment to be purchased.

Interesting read, eh.

Which, reading, leads me to pretty much confirm that it's time to re-arrange some of my usual schedule to provide more time away from Hospital. Won't be going part time initially, will be spending slightly longer days away from home when I go in, and won't be starting right soon. New schedule will gain me one additional day that I could dedicate to art/photography time. Even if it's manual labour making things I need.

Now, it's time for dinner.

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