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Busy Day, Busy Day.

Well, for Herself anyway, since I went off to Hospital and all. Not that Hospital wasn't busy, or was busy, just I can't go on about that much. Herself, on the other hand, managed to sell in the past two days approximately $1500 worth of goat(s). Plus or minus a bit.

For those aware of it (both the site and the game) this is why we don't play Farmville on Facebook. Virtual farm? D00d, who's got the time, we've got the real thing.

Out on the back side we've got a different ranch story going on, slowly, steadily, and we'll see where it goes. For the past month and a bit (plus or minus a bit) we've been walking out every day at Dog Dinner Time to put down some kibbles for Sandpit. Sandpit showed up around then (plus a bit). He's got a collar, and the remnants of a lead hanging from it. However, he's still not too sure about humans.

He'd hide when we first walked back there. Wouldn't come out again until we'd left. Wasn't going away mind you, only hiding and then coming out when we went back to the house. We've made some progress in this. Now he will stay in sight, even come within 10 metres/30 feet or so of either one of us. With Herself he's still happy waggy tail. With me, he gets quiet and tucks tail... and it's good. He's coming within those metres or feet or so of me and not hiding. Mostly making note of the different behaviour based on who it is.

He's polite enough. Says 'thank you' after he's eaten. Simply doesn't want to be within grabbing distance of a human.

We call him Sandpit because there is a sand pit back there, first place we actually saw him he was soaking up some sun on a cool day, and he stays pretty close to that spot overall. Getting warmer now so he hangs more in a small copse of oak trees, which is where he keeps his food bowl. We know this for sure because we've tried moving that food bowl closer to the house (slowly) and he keeps moving it back to that copse of trees. So we're leaving it there for now.

Dunno what brought him here. Can speculate, sure. That's all it is, speculation. He's staying away from the livestock, and on that back side, and he's appreciative of a regular meal. For him, that's all good, and all it needs be just now.

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