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Very Interesting

Watching the traffic flow through someone else's image site (Flickr, Deviant Art, other) when the images being posted are ones I made is an interesting experience. First of all, no image theft going on here, the model has permission to post the work in her portfolio. May be more than one location, I'm not worried about that. So it's not image theft we're discussion, or I'm discussing and you're reading, eh?

It's the reactions to the work that interests me. Not many comments seem to credit the photographer with any of the creativity in the image. It is all (at least reading the words) the model's creativity. Mind you, she's been working the stream harder than I have, since she's making her income through the modeling. And it shows, looking at the stats for the different sites, for the stats on the photos themselves. She's got a larger 'following' than I do. They come to see her, I'm sure, and that's a part of it.

On the other hand, the comments also confirm that the pieces are some good work.

What's this mean for me? Do I need to 'loosen up' on the one site I post work to? Allow more people to see it? There is a mildly humourous, mildly cynical thought runs through my head also about this. Want to increase the number of site/stream hits? Make the nudes public.

Meanwhile, back at Teh Ranch we've made some progress today as well. Did the feed run yesterday on the way home from work, with the thought that Herself and I could both enjoy a more relaxed afternoon that way following Farmers Market. On the other hand, Herself worked pretty hard the past two days, rounding up and selling goats. She commented to me yesterday evening that she felt quite muscle stiff and sore, and contemplated taking a day off as it were from Market.

She did. I think she feels much better. After we got everyone fed this morning, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch. Took her on a short trip into Archer to pick up a few things to tide us overnight. Then we started laundry (she beat me over there, I brought bed linens and she just grabbed the basket). She got a bit of weeding and other light work done in the garden. I put together six reflector umbrella holders for a lighting cart in Studio. Houdini and Squrrl napped. I think they got the best deal of all.

Tomorrow will be a larger supply run, which I will combine with a trip into town and Hospital. I don't have to work a shift, yet I do need to go in for some work. The room I usually am in, doing Pediatric Surgery, will be closed starting Monday morning for a couple months or so, being renovated. So I need to move supplies and some equipment into another room, which will be our temporary Home as it goes. Probably three hours. Then supplies, then home again, home again.

Exciting, eh?

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