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Sense of... if that makes sense.

Herself off to Tioga Farmers Market this evening, due home soon. Progress made with Sandpit, apparently regular meals at a predictable time go a long way to convincing a dog that no animosity is felt towards them. Still not up to trying to 'grab' him, however, he is showing signs of feeling more comfortable in proximity. At least at those meal times.

Succeeded in moving equipment and supplies into a different room at Hospital yesterday. Not solo, had help. Made life a bit easier this morning starting up. Still some shaking down to do in the temporary quarters. I'd broach rearranging the room by 90 degrees if we were slated to stay in it. We aren't, so I'm not thinking too much about it.

And that's the news this evening. Exciting. Or not. Or I'm simply feeling blah.

Houdini, however, doesn't agree with me. He's quite happy that I'm not bouncing around the house. Now, were we to head outdoors, might bring a different attitude.

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Tags: life the universe and everything
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