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Productive It Is

Started off by searching for the Mood Icon which matches the day...

I've learned things about one of the topics I'm developing a report to extract data about from our OR system. Haven't made a lot of progress in one sense, but learned a lot of things about that set of details.

Did that in between getting support calls from various rooms. One of our IT team is off this week to move their abode. That's the person who normally answers these calls. Quite frankly, there are elements of job security scent coming out of what I've been dealing with... not a bad thing, not a judgemental statement. In fact, the problem is probably related to a program upgrade which occured while this person was out... moving. We don't own the program, another department does. And there's the issue of ... illegal web surfing. Which these particular computers are particularly tempting for to do. Large, very high quality display systems (normally we look at x-rays and other diagnostic imagery on them) which just seem to scream at certain personality types to use for viewing Socially Unacceptable Material.

Add in some support for another area (where we do own the program) also related to another upgrade...

So I don't feel like I've accomplished a lot.

But boy howdy, I've been productive!

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