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On another note, I've installed two new toys for the laptop today.  One of them is the datacable which allows me to use my cell phone as my modem.  It appears to work, but I'm not exactly sure.  Next time I test it, I guess I should unplug my Internet connection.</span>

The other toy is the National Geographic Back Roads Explorer, a set of topographic maps for the entire US. This led me to explore the area of Colorado I'll be wandering through next week, imagining the places I'll be unlimbering the camera and photographing. Then I started checking out where I'll be in September, up in D.C., which is close to where marjai will most probably be.  It's close, as these things go, compared to being in Florida. However, there is still a small matter of some one hundred sixty kilometers, plus or minus the accuracy of my line drawing. Well, that is simply a detail to work out, nothing more.


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