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A Few Days of Busy

Two days of long work related, one being all work (12 hours plus a bit) and the next being work-social with a team gathering of the team I work with directly, Pediatric Surgery. That proved quite delightful, at a local eatery part of a major franchise chain purporting to be (but not actually being) Australian. I managed to avoid the Blooming Onion. The rest of the eats quite tasty indeed. Herself accompanied me.

Today is another work day, and a change in that routine because of the specific shift, 15:00 to Midnight rather than Midnight to 07:30. Almost in line to go in too late, except I checked.

A somewhat lazy morning, though all the Ranch Chores are accomplished.

Working (in the back of my mind) on another meditation regarding my artwork, and display thereof, to put forward for perusal and hopefully commentary. We'll see. Just now, there is thunder about and a Houdini telling me it is time for Bubble of Kewl time. Herself texted me from Haile Plantation Farmers Market that sales today are good, and at least three items in her stock sold out. Yea.

Nice to be able to report good news.

Because of the work timeline above, I missed saying yesterday a Hippie Birdbaths to slave2tehtink. Not because of the work timeline today, I am timly with wishing a Hippie Birdbaths to janetmiles

More good news. *G* Consider the background music (see 'Music' below) to be a confusing mix of what I mentioned and the Beatles: Birthday. *Does the Hippie Birdbaths*

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