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Just A Short One

I think short because there are some things needing doing, eh, like burning disks of photos some to deliver to the model, some to take to lab for printing. Why not print at home? Need a new printer. Long story, not for this post.

However, after nearly a week and a half with no Sky Internet here on teh Ranch, this evening it is there. Like magic, eh? Why no Sky Internet? That story is summarised thusly.

Try to get onto Web. Only page shows, Contact Sky Interwebs Manager. Think, hmm, is May now, don't remember seeing billing for April. Call the support number (after googling via Smart Phone, because hey, no Sky Interwebs). Account shows as suspended for non-payment. Non-payment? Have not seen posting to the card account which covers Sky Interwebs (and is the one reason for that card to exist, as Sky Interwebs would not start service, nor install hardware, with out Credit Card to bill). Check with bank via Smart Phone (because hey, no Sky Interwebs). More than enough available funds.

Service rep re-sends billing request manually. Sky Interwebs will wait until clears before resuming service, very sorry, is all due to recent upgrade of systems, getting calls like this from many customers...

Bank takes several days to change billing post from Pending to Paid. Call to Bank yields knowledge is posted as a Routine Transaction and they (Bank) can not expedite this. ::sighs:: After billing post becomes Paid, attempt to get onto Sky Interwebs. Only page shows, Contact Sky Interwebs Manager. I think, hmm, what is date? Ah yes, the one we're currently clearing is April. Now they've missed the May billing. Check Bank. No posting other than the one recently done.

Contact Sky Interwebs support. Account shows as suspended for non-payment. Non-payment? I checked this specifically with another call to Bank, eh Sky Interwebs Support, and NOTHING CAME TO THEM.

Very sorry sir, upgrade in system, multiple calls from many customers, passing along to Corporate Office so they can reinstate service, so sorry though is Weekend no one at Corporate Office until Monday...

Monday, Herself calls them. Soap, Rinse, Repeat. I check with a couple people I know who use same Sky Interwebs provider (via Smart Phone & Text Msg, eh, because... yah, you got it). And, er, no, they did not experience this problem, would of noticed, eh?

So yes, most recent billing (less some funds for Period With No Service, and less a credit for Aggravation I suppose) cleared the account and Lo, this evening there is Sky Interwebs.

I hope, anyway. Who knows, might of stopped working since I started typing this.

Magic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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Tags: life the universe and everything

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