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Lifes Little Foibles

Which continue to haunt.

I know it is related to clearing out a browser cache. Still, what an odd mild annoyance when this morning I attempt to wander over to Flickr now that our Sky Interweb is restored, only to see the OMG REACTIVATE SERVICE message window...

Got there, by googling Flickr and following that link, logging in. Then, when clicking on Home to get to my Flickr stream OMG REACTIVATE SERVICE message window...


Very nice article in the most recent National Geographic on Camera Oscura, and the work being done by one artist. So many things to explore, so little time. On that note, though, took a disk to Flair Lab ( aka Harmon's or ShowPrints Dot Com ) yesterday with 40 photographs by Herself and Myself for printing. We'll be getting three prints each per image, sizes ranging from 5x5 to 8x12. Prints ready to pick up this evening, probably won't pick them up until tomorrow because of work schedule. Then mount and mat and sleeve, preparatory for a 'show' next weekend at Yulee Days in Archer. I'll be there, Herself most probably at Haile Plantation Farmers Market on Saturday June 5 so if y'all are in our neck of North Central Baja Jorja, stop by.

It is a Morning Off Hospital, not a day off. Must work the Midnight shift later. Ambulatory Surgery Centers are beginning to look more attractive.

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