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All Pretty Durn Hot on the Ranch Front

Because, of course, we are getting along to Northern Hemisphere Summer.

Numb Brain Saturday following Night Shift Friday and Herself off to SCA for the day, still got everything done needed doing on the day. First off, nap of course, since driving home after night shift is always a higher anxiety thing due to Teh Tired. Set an alarm clock this time, turned out to be needed. Houdini apparently studying from Kittehs of Apocalypse how to emit sleepions.

At any rate, up near noon, on line briefly for some business, then left Houdini all No Boss Don't Leave Me body language to run the errands. Herself took Sydney SubaruOutback because I needed Forrest NissanPickup for one of the two errands, and Forrest has only two settings for his heat/air just now. Not to begrudge him that, at 190,000 miles plus. And, if the only errand were to pick up feed in Archer, would of brought him with me since Midwest Feed is a dog-friendly store.

The longer errand, though, involved running into Flair Lab in Hoggetowne to pick up 120 prints. Now, this is 120 prints, yes, and it is three prints each of 40 different photographs. We are gearing up here on Teh Ranch Photography Division to start doing more public shows. As mentioned previously, there's one next weekend, a small one, so the number of prints is a good start, most at standard mat sizes. With the longer trip, though, and Flair not being a dog-friendly store (service dogs only) Houdini got to stay home.

Only a couple hours, though, and then I arrived back. We left the feed to unload for later in the evening when the heat broke, and hung out indoors for a bit. A bit earlier than normal for feeding time we all headed out, all being Houdini, Squrrl and I, to unload feed and distribute feed and do a head count. All present and accounted for, including Brown Jersey Cow who while she didn't show at the dinner trough could be seen toward the back of the Cow Pasture with her new calf.

Back to the House and feed the Dogs, Bros & Sandpit, then Kittehs then me. Watched about half a recorded movie before deciding Too Boring and deleting it. Won't say Eat, Pray, Love is bad, simply boring to me. Bit of a hot soak tub before the approaching thunder got too insistent and brought Houdini over to ask me to get out of the tub, and off to bed.

Today, traded out two panels in the Buckling Pen replacing two cattle panels with combo panels. These will keep Little Miss Troublemaker Coco Chanell inside. Saw to a weak spot on one hog pen along with tightening up their water point, then inside for fluids and light lunch before heading out on today's errand, a road trip together for Mats for those Prints.

More later. Probably.

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