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Short week working, at least at Hospital, with Monday being an observed holiday and tomorrow being a PTO day so I can prep for Saturday. Thus, no overtime this week.

Why then do I feel so tired? Werp?

Weather hot, though humidity is not yet to the numbing levels we usually get once summer is in full steam. Second day of Hurricane Season. Yup.

Login site (secure login) acting a tad odd over on the other blog (the one where most of you will read this). Might or not log in over there. Getting messages the secure site is not secure, exactly. Werp?

Prep for Saturday is getting prints mounted, matted, and some framed. Fair number framed, actually, since a number of our prints are non-standard sizes or new standard sizes. Since I'm tired, not going into that a lot just now. If you print photos, you know. If you don't, suffice that purchasing standard size pre-cut mats won't cover us well. Need to get that mat cutter tool back into service (it got stored when we needed space).

Delivered a proof disk and a print to Doozer yesterday. She's now got the proofs from Spring Fae, and is quite happy with a print of Autumn Fae. Y'all have seen the Autumn Fae portrait, except not exactly. Another cryptic promised future post, the how-to behind the more or less final image.

Need to go work on those prints now.

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