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A Bit from Yulee Days

Took Popper with me to the event. There is a long precedence for this with members of the Otterz Mob; Fat Fred started it years ago. Otterz love social events, don't you know.

Popper At Yulee Railroad Days

This one done with the iPhone camera, then a bit of post-production though not with an iPhone app.

And, because terriaminute mentioned something about portfolio and t-shirts in the previous post, a few selections in the vein that I thought of following that comment and request. I allow, now, after thinking some on it that these selections are based on my interpretation of the question without verifying exactly what she was asking...

Link to a set, "Skulls":

Ofuroyama, Consulting Detective (Because we both know this particular Otterz)
Kawauso Ofuroyama, Consulting Detective

Fat Fred (The particular peculiar Otterz)
Fat Fred Ottar and the Shark Hat

Well, actually, the skulls thought came first, and the two Otterz afterwards, mostly because we do both know that particular peculiar Otterz.
Tags: fun, photography

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