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General Meanderings

I keep threatening to make posts with substance, and apparently that's all they are. Threats. Ideas flit through my mind, and many of them get jotted down so they may be developed. Other things then come along. Attention deficit? Perhaps.

I maintain at least two blogs, which in many ways are mirrors, here and on Dreamwidth. I suppose that since there is a 'journal' feature to Deviant Art, that may count as a blog. I've been treating it more as a display, and less as a blog. Flickr is a display. And what are my purposes? One of the threatened entries addresses that specific question.

Herself over the past couple weeks complained to me, and asked me to check out her knees. Doing a lot of squats working the Truck Garden, and concerned about strain. Then Tuesday after Monday evening's rain, she slipped on a wet spot while feeding critters and experienced Knee Distress. After a long (and professionally embarrassing and that is a whole different posting probably not) visit to Hospital, we go to see Ortho today. Knee feels better today than it did right after. We'll see.

Houdini is as happy as he is, except of course when there is Thunder In The Air which now that we're into the Hot Months happens. The rain itself is sorely needed. He doesn't much care for the thunder though. Squrrl more sensibly simply retreats into his house.

More later, except oh look, shiny!

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