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Or is it wheels within wheels, or some such? Over here, haikujaguar finished up earlier this week with the last installment to a web serial story, Spots the Space Marine. One of the things I enjoyed about her entire process of wrap-up is including a listing of the music she listened to while composing, and writing, the story. I know I've used a 'sound track' before when working on various projects, and this provides me (very selfish that) with intros to some interesting and good (judgemental on my part, YMMV) music. So where are the wheels within wheels?

Some of the music she listened to, it turns out, is also on the playlist (handy term, that, neh?) of another writer I enjoy reading, John Ringo. Perhaps for similar reasons at least related to the Spots tale, perhaps not. It remains, for me, to be another connection to artistic influences and appreciations in my life.

While listening/viewing some of the selections on the You Tube links, I did indeed actually notice the ad being displayed. Normally I tune these out, which I expect is much like a lot of other people. This one though...

Anyone who reads here knows I'm studying and experimenting with light, and lighting. One of the means of lighting I'm slowly escalating into using is LED in various manners. What I've done so far, specifically, uses over-the-counter rope lights for home decoration (think Holiday Season). This led to some research into other means to acquire and/or build lighting using LED systems.

I'm sure that the Wonders of the Internet provide the actual link to the ad display, with the background nosiness of the 'Webz allowing the site to 'read' my recent browsing history or even bookmarked sites. Still, I could happily take it as A Sign that one of the business' from which I'm planning on purchasing supplies showed me the ad.


Yes. It's A Sign.

And, you should go read Spots, if you aren't already. Yes. Go read now.
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