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Rain & Thunder, Virtual Cleaning

I keep looking back, over a month now, to a promised posting regarding some changes in how I allow image viewing on the sites where I post I plan to make. Notice the absence of the post? Yup, no changes either, which is something of a message to Self as well. Perhaps I'm afraid of those changes. Perhaps.

On the other hand, sent along a preliminary request for a five image portfolio to view, to someone a friend tipped me about. It's not something happening fast, and I'm not sure how extensively it will happen either. More as it develops.

Meanwhile, yesterday and today we've enjoyed rain, more yesterday than today. We (well some of us might of) did not enjoy the thunder; Houdini's been happy I've been here. Yesterday evening a work-related social event, after the thunder went away. Today all day home. I've been doing a virtual cleaning of duplicated hard drive files, working on freeing up some space which gets filled in again. Thing is, I'm filling not as fast as freeing so far, though I am finding backed-up files on CD/DVD which I'm missing as well.

And it's time to get working on the October show.

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