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News, Good News, and There Is a Hole In My Wall

Yesterday evening during the Involuntary Double, Herself sent me a text message: Husband, we have a problem. During her shower, there occurred a few air bubble burps (that's a different problem, yet it contributes here), then the shower stopped working. She checked the sink there in the bathroom, and the tub (separate from the shower). Kitchen sink also, and all had water flow. Plus, she thought she heard water running in the wall that supports the shower head.

That's the news. She shut off the water to the house, and turned off the hot water heater. This morning after feeding the Ranch, I started the process of trouble-shooting the non-functional shower by crawling under the House looking for potential leaks. Through an involved process that allowed for looking into the space immediately under the joists, no water leaks at the shower plumbing. Water back off, then, into the house and...

I cut a hole in the wall. So we could see the plumbing up to the shower head.

Mind you, this is something I initially intended to do 15 years or so back, when we first moved into House. The shower is one of two places where water cut-off valves are not in line to turn the water off for faucet service. Fifteen years is a bit of a wait to get around to a project, and yet it is done now. There is a hole in the wall, where I will be able to put cut-off valves into the line.

Oh, and the Good News is, no leak. So the water is back on to House. We did take the opportunity to change out the ballcock valve in one toilet, and the faucet for the lavatory sink. Well, that's still a work in progress as apparently I need some silicone sealer for around the base where it sits on the sink. Will get that tomorrow on the way home from work. The toilet is working properly again, not constantly running.

Meanwhile, we've cleaned out the tub/shower in the second bathroom. Past few years, this served as a storage zone for the bottled water we keep, our own water of course. That's moved so we can get clean until we find the blockage in the shower tubing and clear it. I'm also thinking to replace the water valves for the shower, as I've already twice replaced their washers. Time to upgrade.

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