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Week Ago

One week ago yesterday, near the start of the commute home, someone (nattering away on their mobile) pulled out from a stop sign right SMACK in front of me, operative word smack. Being still on campus of Major University, and University PD being as bad as Waldo PD for speeding citations this was a relatively low-velocity impact. I did get onto the brakes for a bit before impact, and did steer to avoid t-boning the other driver (nattering away on their mobile) in the driver's side door. While not witnessed directly by the UPD officer who pulled up immediately afterwards (a Regional Transit Bus blocked his view of the actual collision), Officer Johnnyonthespot was right there and indeed, Other Driver (still nattering on their mobile) received the citation.

Before I arrived home, Other Driver's Insurance Company contacted me. Well, they got the mobile voice mail, as I didn't answer since I was on the highway at the moment. This morning Sydney Subaru Outback went in to the body shop for the repairs.

Front bumper cover to be replaced, partial replacement of bumper structure (it is of course a 'shock absorbing' bumper), various and sundry clips and the under-covers back into place. The fender/quarter panel can be smoothed, fixed; truly it is not badly rumpled from the impact. Headlamp needs to be replaced, apparently it is not simply that the bulb filament snapped (being on at time of impact) despite the fact that the high beam and turn signal lights work. The fog lamp on that side, plus both guard covers will also be replaced though that is at my cost. I told the adjuster that while most all the damage visible now is due to his client, the broken fog light is due to a raccoon that ran out in front of me on the highway one night. Silly raccoon wasn't insured. Nor was he in a condition to pay the damages after meeting Sydney at 60 mph.
Total on the estimate at this point: $1,287.34 US. Should be ready Wednesday next.

Damages to Sydney Subaru Outback
Point of impact, right front corner.

Detail bumper damage
Detail of the bumper damage. The broken fog light is not due to this collision, and was caused a while ago by a raccoon attempting to cross the highway at 22:00. Raccoon was neither insured, nor in condition to pay for the damages afterwards.

Other Car
Point of impact, left front corner.

Yes, big black blob in front... preserving anonymity.

The force of the impact travelled back on the Subaru's structure along directions designed to help absorb the impact. Damage is more severe to Other Car because the force vectors of the impact sheared across the front of the vehicle. I've no idea what the repair costs are to their vehicle.

No one received any physical injuries. Other than the cars.

The rental car, provided by Other Driver's Insurance Company, is a Mazda Sedan. I don't think the Bros will like that one; can't give them a ride in it.

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