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Ranch Chores Today

Some of the chores, actually, involved going to S & K's place for bamboo. S trimmed back their bamboo grove as much as he could reach of the old, dead canes. Brought a big chunk of that back, unloaded, started trimming a bit to make sure of the correct tool. And darned if I didn't leave the saw out there with the bamboo. Feh. Then, started laundry. Actually, started that before going to Riku. Continued it when we got back. Put together the new weed trimmer multi-tool. We've only the string trimmer part so far, I will be getting more parts soon.

Worked into the north part of Herself's garden, trimming it back to a height she can run the mower over. She did that for part of it after I got done with it as well. System works. I ran the trimmer until it ran out of gas. Seems like a good way to do that. On the other hand, my arms are still on the shaky side. No fine muscle control work for me after running the weed trimmer, as in if I plan on any photography, use a tripod and a remote release.

Time to trim that garden back so the next round of crop may be planted. We're still getting tomatoes, hence the need for the bamboo. Everything else, though, is pretty much burnt by the heat & sun and the long stretch of little rain.
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