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Slow Morning Wake-up, Because

Relatively quiet early yesterday evening. Went over to S & K's for dinner, as Ruthie remained in Deltona for business. Left not right away but shortly after dinner when the rain started, as I'd left windows open at the house. Mama Munch was to be found in her Safe Place when I got back to the Ranch, where the Sky Grumbler's couldn't get at her.

Three of the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse spent the night inside because of the weather; their older brother RasMewSon and their sib, Three of Four both wanted out despite the weather. No worries, they are pretty good at finding their shelter as needed.

'Round oh-four-dark-hundred, Mama Munch woke me up, and the Border Collie Bros were barking away. I let her out to go supervise, listened for a while but couldn't see a durn thing through the very dark and rain. When I headed back to bed, One, Two, and Four KoftheA were waiting for me in the bed... somewhat unusual.

Coffee and some web surfing this AM when I woke up again around eight. But RasMewSon and Three didn't show up for breakfast. 'Round ten or so I went out to call them, no response. And some odd tracks just outside the side door, obviously made during the night but between some of the showers here (there were raindrop marks inside them, but they weren't wiped out probaby because they're under the oak outside the side door). We don't have any ducks anymore, I'm wondering about the webbing mark I see.

Well, time to get moving and feed the critters.

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