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Midnight shift at Hospital last night; mixed blessings. Quiet shift, for us, primarily preparing things for the Day shift that followed us. On the other hand, I no longer cope so well with all-nighters. Even with a nap in the afternoon, even with a quiet shift, the day following is blurry around all the edges. The drive home is perhaps scariest, being tired, wandering. Not much, enough to be scary.

Stopped at Save-a-Lot for milk and creamer on the way home, to find I'd gotten there 10 minutes before they opened. Didn't wait; I'd of fallen asleep in the parking lot. Home and into bed with a Houdini BorderCollie Bro for company, happy that his Human came back after being gone All Night. Most mornings after a Night Shift I sleep about four hours, then get up. It's enough to get me into low-level function, able to drive for example. Complicated tasks are not on the agenda.

Went back into town for that milk and creamer. Only bought one thing not on my list, bagels because we are out of bread at the House and frankly, best of what was available. Did get something not exactly on my list, still milk. Well, OK, ice cream. You'll get over it.

Caught up with book keeping. Might sound like a complicated task, yet what I did fairly simple. Transcribe numbers. Not thinking about what it means, other than OK, there's the current balance.

Right now, sort of catching up on viewing photographs on Flickr. Still not feeling anything in-depth here. No comments, no thoughtful critiques. In one way, sort of skimming through the spam. Interesting thought, that, considering I post work to Flickr as well...

I can think of at least a dozen things I could be doing more productive, and the post-Midnight Shift lack of motivation is overwhelming.

In case you couldn't tell by reading this.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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